ICON LHD Buckets & G.E.T.

The main structural component of an OEM bucket is not a priority with aftermarket manufacturers. Though OEM bucket design structures have held their design intention to date, there is extensive room for improvement, utilizing modern technology and manufacturing processes, increasing durability and function.

As others have replicated OEM designs, ICON evaluates and redesigns each and every bucket from the shop floor up. ICON maintains the OEM center of gravity, the OEM volume (capacity), while creating the utmost structurally reinforced and durable bucket structure available.

ICON Key Design Features:

  • New reinforced strong-back utilizing structural materials to tie-in all components across the bucket body.
  • New additional spill-guard deflector to protect boom, pins and bushings from overspill debris.
  • Inside shell and upper dog-house have both been updated to create a smooth, consistent path of material flow, thus increasing efficiency and optimizing durability.
  • The ICON Talon lip wings (place holders) have been extended further into the body of the bucket.  Driving the wings further into the bucket body has increased structural integrity of the bucket as a whole, while also extending life expectancy of the bucket shell.
  • The mechanical interface of the lip to the bucket shell, has a double-row bolted connection design providing a high strength link.
  • The mechanical bolt-on heels also utilize a double-row bolted connection to the bucket shell, unlike others with single row on the outer walls.
  • Though ICON’S mechanical buckets are loaded with ICON armor, our buckets weigh in near OEM weight
  • The complete bucket center of gravity has been maintained to OEM standards to provide breakout forces equivalent to an OEM Level.
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