ICON Talon LHD Lip Assembly

Today’s underground mining bucket market is saturated with bucket lips consisting out of cast segments. Though cast materials serve their purpose with wear ability and function, current cast lips do not transcend well with heat or weldability due to the material hardness. As more and more customers have been looking for ways to optimize bucket and G.E.T. wear life, ICON has worked  closely with Raptor on innovative mining wear solutions. One of these key wear solutions was a revolutionary lip design which can be used on any underground mining bucket.

Throughout Canada, Raptor engineered bucket lips have surpassed hours of in field service not yet obtained by any cast lip system available.

With incorporating additional Raptor engineered wear solutions like Defender® Chrome White Iron and custom castings, ICON has created the utmost innovative underground mining bucket on the market, helping customers reduce overall bucket operating costs and increasing productivity.

Looking for the most durable underground mining bucket lip solution on the market… you found it!

ICON Talon Key Features:

  • ICON Talon lip, made from HarderPlate®
  • Proprietary CNC’d lip edge providing optimal penetration while maintaining a sharp edge throughout the life cycle
  • Proprietary Robotic Tungsten Carbide overlay options like PTA/ProARM® and ARM for high wear areas to optimize wear life
  • Strategically positioned Defender® Chrome White Iron wear blocks providing further wear resistance, durability and strength
  • Flexible in lip configurations
  • Single piece design, eliminates cracking between segments
  • Unlimited adaptability, weld on or bolt on solutions

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